Kai Tak Sports Park – Wow!


Kai Tak Sports Park – What do you think?

The HKRU have launched their comms around the KTSP mega project. See above link.

It looks and feels amazing even from the rendering above. Hong Kong rightfully seizing back from, what some quarters have described as the blighted, the Sports Hub down in Singapore the mantle of the premier sports and entertainment hub destination in Asia. When coupled with the now finally moving West Kowloon Cultural District, we will have in Hong Kong along our majestic Victoria Harbour a plethora of crown jewel infrastructure the envy of the globe.

I am so excited about the development and benefits it will bring all of us here in Hong Kong.

I hope we can all get behind the Home Affairs Bureau consultation and development generally, giving it the support it deserves. There will be infrastructure, recreation, dining and parks for all our communities to enjoy and use.

I just hope – and in my response for comments I raised – they work up an integrated transport access plan. To get to Kai Tak from many parts of HK (Island, Lantau, NT, Western districts of the peninsula, etc.) requires multiple public transport changes. We must make sure that accessibility development runs in parallel with the stadium and park infrastructure so that they are co-terminal on completion of the respective other parts.

What a project to be proud of #HomeKong 🇭🇰


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