Hello and welcome to cdfwatson, my tiny corner of cyberspace!

I am from Northumberland in the United Kingdom but am currently enjoying life in the amazing and captivating Hong Kong SAR.

I have a real historical interest in colonial Hong Kong and, in particular, the handover to the PRC in June 1997. I have inserted references (under the Welcome! tab on the menu bar) to both Governor Patten’s farewell speech at and HRH Prince Charles’ diary of the actual handover ceremony. I think the latter represents and reveals a fascinating insight.

I love meeting people and experiencing new cultures. I am open-minded and optimistic.

I enjoy rugby union and cricket; and have a passion for big skies, coastlines and hills no matter where in the world.

This blog gives an insight into my life in a global context together with some diary entries, occasional prose poetry, observations, thoughts, likes and dislikes.

I hope these pages are enjoyable enough to spend a few minutes of browse time and, with luck, of some interest – if so, please do comment on anything you read, see and/or watch!

Thank you for looking me up!

Carl Watson (卡爾·沃森)

Saturday, 1 January 2011

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